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Trevor Nelson Slammed For 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Commentating

Did you think he was that bad?


Trevor Nelson Slammed For 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Commentating

Photo: Mario Mitsis/

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Trevor Nelson may have been excited about providing coverage for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, but it completely backfired on him when he failed to impress viewers.

The legendary DJ became a trending topic on Twitter when viewers grew tired of his commentary in which he repeatedly gave 'shout outs' to several of his family members and friends who were taking part in the Games, and generally talking more than viewers had hoped.

One viewer was so riled up that he even updated Trevor's Wikipedia page, calling him a "bellend."

The new intro to his page read: "Trevor Nelson MBE... is someone who should talk less when presenting major events, for instance the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, on tv. He exposed himself as a bellend to the world during the opening ceremony."

While Wikipedia did change the comment, they still mentioned the Olympics blunder, adding: "His commentary of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony was widely criticised in the media."

Others on Twitter were also not so forgiving, with one user quipping: "If anyone's got Trevor Nelson's phone number, please call him and tell him his car is on fire and he needs to go. #olympics."

"Seb Coe: "Welcome to the Olympics, and for viewers in the UK, apologies for Trevor Nelson"," another user wrote, while another added: "Is Trevor Nelson conducting some sort of protest against the Olympics? Bizarre comments #London2012."

Were you impressed by Trevor's commentary?

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