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Stevie J Dumps Joseline Hernandez For New Pregnant Girlfriend!

Uh oh...

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 30th July 2012 Photo by Twitter

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta looks set to get even more interesting with claims that Stevie J has dumped his fiancee and co-star Joseline Hernandez and is now dating another woman who is pregnant with his baby.

The reality show star lothario only proposed to Joseline a few weeks ago and the couple were thought to be in a happy relationship, however, that seems to have changed as MediaTakeOut reports he has broken up with the aspiring rapper.

The website reveals the reason as to why they broke up is unclear, however, they claim Stevie is now shacked up with his record label partner Tammie Grant, who is divorced from NBA baller Gary Grant.

Apparently, Tammie is pregnant with Stevie's baby and they are in talks to get married.

Sounds like a storm is brewing...

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