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Snoop Dogg Kicks It With Drake Before OVO Festival

Collaboration perhaps?


Snoop Dogg Kicks It With Drake Before OVO Festival

Photo: Twitter

Snoop Dogg was seen hanging with his pal Drake over the weekend at the OVO festival in Canada.

The Dogg Father, who has now re-branded himself as Snoop Lion, uploaded pictures of  himself and the Young Money rapper on Twitter with the caption: "Me n @drake #ovoxo."

The veteran rapper recently revealed that he relies on a combination of weed and female company to pen hit tracks.

"To write rap I've got to smoke a lot of weed. I need some music, old music, R'n'B, hip hop, anything that's 70s, 80s, 60s, something that's inspiring, then I've got to have a couple of females around for inspiration," he said according to ContactMusic.

Before revealing his work ethic that has made him the iconic artisrt he is today: "'It's a sport to me, because it's like you're driving me to want to out-do you."

"Its like if I saw you doing a three sixty kick on a skateboard, I gotta do a seven twenty, just to outdo you. My style of rap, I'm going to say is tae-kwon-do."

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