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Toya Claims K. Michelle Is Schizophrenic & Lost Custody Of Her Kids!

This is getting out of hand...


Toya Claims K. Michelle Is Schizophrenic & Lost Custody Of Her Kids!

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Toya Wright has accused K. Michelle of being legally schizophrenic and has even lost custody of her young son.

The Love & Hip-Hop star gave an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this week in which she dissed Toya and her husband Memphitz, whom she claims used to abuse her while they were dating.

Toya responded to K. Michelle's comments in her own interview with Talking With Tami, during which she made the startling revelations about K. Michelle's mental health.

"K. Michelle needs to find her own story line and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining ratings from us, you know she is bonafide schizophrenic too! She doesn’t even have custody of her son," Toya claimed.

K. Michelle's accusations allegedly got her in trouble with her L&HH:A co-star Rasheeda, who defended her friends Toya and Memphitz during the Reunion show.

The singer has responded to Toya's claims on Twitter, writing:

"Damn, I better take these pills for schizophrenia before The government come and take my child that I just dropped off at school Monday."

"It's sad when people resort to trying to hurt others to keep a public image. God Bless Them."

"Damn I wonder if I'm crazy enough to get some medicine and a check. I don't turn down no checks. We cashing out. #Balling hahahaha."

Who is the true victim in this crazy scenario?

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