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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Have 'Huge Argument' Over TV Show

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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Have 'Huge Argument' Over TV Show

Photo: A. Ariani / Splash News

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have reportedly had a huge blowup over their differing ideas about a TV show.

The former American Idol judge is currently producing a new ABC Family drama about a lesbian couple who take a teenager into their household, but it seems she wasn't willing to hear his fresh ideas.

According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer asked Casper for his "artistic input" on the script but "coldly tossed his meticulous notes aside without a glance."

Apparently, Casper tried to "protest" but Jennifer then spent 45 minutes ruthlessly ripping his ideas to shreds."

The 25-year-old dancer then allegedly "blew up and stormed out" and Jennifer "did not stop him."

The couple's relationship is said to be under strain following reports Casper visited a gay peep show in New York.

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