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Ciara Teases New Single 'I'm Sorry' With Open Letter To Ex-Lover

Aimed at 50 Cent?


Ciara Teases New Single 'I'm Sorry' With Open Letter To Ex-Lover

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Ciara appears to have had a lot on her conscious recently and has finally unleashed it in an open letter penned to an ex-lover.

The 26-year-old singer is currently gearing up for her comeback and has wetted fans appetites with a teasing open letter titled, 'I'm Sorry,' which is also the name of her new single. In the letter, Ciara apologises for not trying with their relationship and turning her back on their romance.

"Dear YOU, August 4th, we were chillin at the house. I said I was done and told you to get out. I didn’t mean a word I said, cuz I was hopin’ you would come back. I tried and tried and I cried and cried up late at night; and I hurt," Cici writes.

"I tried to fight, and I cried to God, “please let it just work.” I was going crazy with you, you had me so confused. I walked away, you walked away, and we should have stayed."

Things do get a little better however, when she reveals her former lover contacted her.

"You know, the last time we spoke, gotta say it felt like good ol’ times. Through all the bull, I was still happy to hear from you," she continued.

"You said all the right things, but the one thing you couldn’t seem to understand was that, all you had to do was say… 'I’m sorry.'"

Ciara and 50 Cent dated on and off for a year a few years ago, but they split in 2010 and their relationship has been frosty since.

'I'm Sorry' is set to premiere on August 20. Who do you think the letter is aimed at?

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