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Cassie Goes Topless On Holiday With P. Diddy!

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Cassie Goes Topless On Holiday With P. Diddy!

Photo: Splash News

Cassie gave the world a glimpse of her twin assets while on holiday with P. Diddy - going topless while sunning herself.

The 'King Of Hearts' singer stripped down to just her bikini bottoms as she lounge onboard a luxury yacht with her rumoured Bad Boys boyfriend, revealing her goodies to a fleet of nearby paparazzi.

The couple have been sunning themselves and cruising the mediterranean while holidaying in Cannes and St Tropez.

The 25-year-old and music mogul have been spotted looking pretty loved-up during their summer vacations, with the pair laughing and Cassie cheekly squeezing her beau's bottom.

Judging by the snaps, we can see why Diddy kept Cassie as his side-piece for so long...

P. Diddy & Cassie Enjoy Romantic Day On Yacht In Cannes...


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