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Alleged Naked Gay Photo Of Bow Wow Circulates Twitter!

Do you think it's him?


Alleged Naked Gay Photo Of Bow Wow Circulates Twitter!

Photo: Twitter

It hasn't been a good week for Bow Wow so far, firstly having his Twitter account hacked and now having photos of him allegedly cosying up to a naked man circulating online.

The perpetrator who goes by the name of 7_I_Am threatened to expose all of the 'Drank In My Cup' rapper's celebrity conquests if he didn't pay him 10K.

Now it seems the hacker has taken his beef one step further - posting pictures of two naked men sleeping together in bed and claiming Bow Wow to be one of the men, prompting Bow Wow is to offer a cash reward to any one in the Detroit region who can shut the hacker down.

"RT i got $2500 to any Detroit n***a that finds @7_i_am and slaps the piss otta dis n***a. Word!," he tweeted.

Do you think it's Bow Wow in the photo?

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