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Azealia Banks Admits She Became A Stripper When She Was 'Depressed'

Tough upbringing...


Azealia Banks Admits She Became A Stripper When She Was 'Depressed'

Photo: Daniel Deme/

Rap's controversial newcomer Azealia Banks has admitted to being a stripper when she struggled for money and experienced depression.

The '212' rapper had a tough upbringing which involved her father dying when she was two and getting into physical fights with her mother caused her to leave home at a young age.

In an honest interview with Spin magazine, Azealia admits that she went had to work in a strip club to survive.

"That's when I was really depressed," Azealia said of the time when she first left home.

"I didn't have a manager, I didn't have a boyfriend, I didn't have any friends, I didn't have any money. Here I am working at this strip club, trying not to get into fights with these girls who don't give a s**t," she continued to explain.

Far from the world of strippers, Azealia is now one of the hottest new rappers around and is even said to have flown to Hawaii this week to work on a collaboration with Kanye West.

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