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Paul Walker Shoots At Tyrese & Ludacris On 'Fast 6' Movie Set

Don't worry, just a spoof!


Paul Walker Shoots At Tyrese & Ludacris On 'Fast 6' Movie Set


Paul Walker, Tyrese and Ludacris seem to be having a lot of fun on set of the next installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast 6, taking time out of their hectic filming schedule to record a spoof in which Walker pulls out a gun.

In the hilarious clip, Transformers actor Tyrese introduces viewers to the group's trailers backstage before complaining to the cameraman about the size of Walker's trailer. Tyrese then walks over to Luda and Walker who are sitting around a table and asking when he'll receive a trailer just as big.

Luda then questions why Walker has the bigger trailer, who then jokes that he has been in the franchise longer than the other pair and he only agreed to come back for another flick if producers agreed to kill off Luda and Tyrese's characters.

When Walker goes inside his trailer, Luda urinates in the plant outside of Walker's trailer and upon his return, Walker fires a gun into the air causing Luda and Tyrese to flee the "scene".

Nice to know they're working hard on set! Check out the hilarious spoof here.

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