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WATCH! Love & Hip-Hop's Mimi Faust Goes HAM Over Cheating!

Girl Please!


WATCH! Love & Hip-Hop's Mimi Faust Goes HAM Over Cheating!

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The first season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta may have finished, but it appears Mimi Faust is determined to carry on the beef.

Mimi, who is LHHA’s bad boy Stevie J’s baby mother has lashed out over the lothario's cheating ways in a new video clip that has been released online, claiming: "All You Motherf***n’ B***es Been Cheated On!!"

The reality star can be seen in the video fooling around with producers Brian Cox and Jermaine Durpi, before loosing it completely, shouting: "All you b***es who talking sh*t about me and my situation get the f**k out of here, you act like I’m the only b***h that been cheated on?"

She even revealed that she has many more Stevie J stories to share that fans don’t even know about, later adding: "My life was on TV and I was real about it".

Feisty cast member Mimi puts on a lot of bravado in the video, however, this is a different character to viewers are used to seeing on the show.

Tears, tantrums, and empty threats towards her man of 12-years, Stevie J, was the norm, as we watched Mimi endure cheating, lies and scandal. Not to mention the fact that Stevie got fellow cast member Joselyn pregnant and forced her hand into an abortion.

Yes Mimi, you are right, you are not the only woman to have been cheated on, but you are most likely the only one who was willing to stick around!

Watch Mimi go HAM below...

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