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Snoop Dogg Gets Emotional Talking About Nate Dogg

Still misses his boy!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Monday 10th September 2012 Photo by Dimitri Halkidis /Patricia Schlein/ WENN.com

Snoop Dogg was reduced to an emotional wreck when he answered questions about his late friend Nate Dogg in a recent interview.

The late singer died in 2011 in a Californian hospital after suffering complications due to having mulitiple strokes.

"That's the part of the movie I will never watch. I'm still touched by it. I'm still hurt by it, and when you lose somebody that close it's never a reality," Snoop Dogg told reporters at a press conference for a new movie starring his late pal.

"Like some times I may sit in my apartment and look at the a picture on the wall and he looking at me. And it's like we right there with each other."

"I don't look at him as being gone - but when I see this particular part of the movie it really touches an emotion in me I rarely get to get into as far as being able to cry."

"...There's something about our friendship I never want to let go."

Check out the emotional intreview below.

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