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Chief Keef Slams Instagram For Removing His X-rated Photos

What did you expect?


Chief Keef Slams Instagram For Removing His X-rated Photos

Photo: YouTube/Twitter

Chief Keef has launched into an attack on Instgram after the social networking site removed explicit images of the Chicago rapper from his homepage.

The 'I Don't Like' rapper uploaded an image of himself sexually engaged with a female companion and receiving a sex act.

"F**k instagram dey took my s**t again #300," he tweeted after learning the X-rated image had been removed.

"Stick My Fingas In Her Butt While I'm Gettin Brain Yea Ima Nasty B**ch Wat Chief Sosa #300," the Chicago native continued to rant.

"I like a b**ch with some lips like a deathtrap #300." "I'm wat u call a male version of a #SLUT!"

The 17-year-old has been at the centre of controversy since mocking the death of fellow Chicago rapper Lil Jojo, and engaging in a war of words with Lupe Fiasco.

Looks like Keef is all about pushing boundaries - someone needs to tell this fool to pipedown as he's quickly becoming the male equivalent of Azealia Banks (not a good look).

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