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K. Michelle In Secret Romance With New York Knicks Player?

Another Basketball Wife on the horizon!


K. Michelle In Secret Romance With New York Knicks Player?

Photo: Twitter

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star K.Michelle has been fuelling rumours over Twitter that she and New York Knicks player J.R Smith are an item.

The 26-year-old reality star apparently hit it off with the Knicks player last week after singing to him 'Happy Birthday' at her sold out S.O.B show in New York.

In a series of tweets, the pair revealed that there could be a blossoming romance between them the two.

J.R Smith tweeted, "Man she keeping! RT @ThatBoy Quan:@TheRealJRSmith should wife up @kmichelle foreal!"

Then eventually the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta reality star said, "RT @TheRealJRSmith bout to get married to @kmichelle all y’all #Ni55a bak up!>nope u let yo n***s sell u candy bout me! Ask me."

J.R Smith then asks the 26-year-old to marry him and the reply is, "RT @TheRealJRSmith I’m asking! @kmichelle> Ill marry u if buy me sunflowers We gotta be weird 2gether&throw up our middle finger up 2the world.”

Could it be just a bit of innocent banter? Or is this the start of something?

We'll just have to see what happens here.

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