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Buffie The Body Reveals Why She Left The Video Vixen Game

Wasn't paying!


Buffie The Body Reveals Why She Left The Video Vixen Game

Photo: Twitter

Buffie The Body has revealed the reason she left her former career as a video vixen is because the financial gain was limited.

In a YouTube video posted by the bootilicious star, she addresses the music video industry and why it is no longer a profitable market.

"I had done all the magazines. It was only 7 major magazines that was main stream that we could be in," she says in the video footage.

"And it was only one of them that paid and that was the Black Men SSX edition."

The former model goes on to explain that the real cheques came from her website

"When I tell you that I was making crazy money, I was getting crazy checks weekly from that website. And the beautiful thing about it I didn't have to pose nude, no porn."

"I didn't have to show breasts, I didn't have to show you know your insides.

"[...]A model back then who would start a website you could live off just those checks like pay rent, car note, shopping," she adds.

"That doesn't even exist no more. I knew once I had done everything it was time to move on. It was nothing left to do in that industry."

Check her interesting video clip out below.

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