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WATCH! Kanye West's Sex Tape Partner In Booty-Popping Competition

Likes 'em round!


WATCH! Kanye West's Sex Tape Partner In Booty-Popping Competition

Photo: Twitter

The model revealed as the other woman in Kanye West’s leaked sex-tape has been spotted as a contestant in a booty-popping battle video.  

Mony Moon, the model was spotted in a video by Jump Off TV of a booty shaking competition where the Kim Kardashian lookalike was filmed popping and flexing her rear to the coincidental Vybz Kartel track, 'Gimme Di Benz Pu**any'.

Bussing a sweat by dropping to the floor to shake her rear while doing the splits, the model beat her 2 other contenders by far in the booty-shakeoff.

Suspected by DJ Folk as the model Mony Moon in the leaked Kanye West sex-tape over the weekend, the reality star look alike has yet to confirm or deny if she was the other woman in the video after failing to tweet anything since the leak.

Revealed by RadarOnline, the 20-miniute video shows the 'Mercy' rapper engaging in some sexual activities with the Kimmy look-a-like.

By the looks of this video, it must've been here that Mr West found his sex-tape beau.

Watch the footage below.

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