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50 Cent Addresses Floyd Mayweather 'Feud' On Twitter?

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50 Cent Addresses Floyd Mayweather 'Feud' On Twitter?

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50 Cent wrote a series of subliminal tweets yesterday possibly alluding to his alleged feud with his best friend Floyd Mayweather.

Rumours of beef between the two pals began last month after it emerged that Fiddy had gone ahead with launching a boxing promotion company with Manny Pacquaio without Floyd.

The situation was only fuelled when Fiddy gave a series of interviews claiming the reason for snubbing Floyd from the business deal was because he didn't have the right people around him and he wasn't sensible enough with his money.

Now, Fiddy appears to have addressed the supposed troubles in their relationship on Twitter in a series of posts.

"I talk to my grand father he made some profound statements," Fiddy wrote.

"He told me not to be afraid of change. In fact I should make changes now while I'm young."

"He bugged me out with this. He said U will be as successful as the people U speak to for no reason.THINK ABOUT THAT."

"If your talking to someone who doesn't have any information you will just be going in circles in conversation."

In the most telling tweet, the hip-hop mogul added: "Only problem is my best friend is not that bright but he got a good heart."

Fiddy whipped up a stir on the social networking site yesterday after writing a step-by-step guide on how to stop masturbating.

Do you think Fiddy's tweet is about Floyd?

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