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Nicki Minaj Thinks She's Being 'Set Up' By American Idol

Is she a puppet?


Nicki Minaj Thinks She's Being 'Set Up' By American Idol

Photo: Anneke Ruys/

Nicki Minaj reportedly feels as though she is being used as a puppet by American Idol and says the producers "set her up."

The 'Pound The Alarm' rapper flew off the handle at co-judge Mariah Carey earlier this week during auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the show, and hurled expletive-laced insults at the diva.

However, sources close to the show and Nicki say that she was being used as a "puppet" to drum up attention for the show.

"We're told Nicki is adamant... she won't be anyone's puppet and if she feels she's being set up, she vows to 'cut it off at the head,'" TMZ reports.

"As for how, she says for starters, the next time Mariah "acts up," Nicki is walking off the set."

"There's just one problem with her theory - we know "Idol" producers were genuinely shocked and upset by Tuesday's outburst," the site continues.

"Our very connected "Idol" sources tell us the big wigs were completely flat footed and they are doing everything they can to restore peace - which they successfully did Wednesday."

Do you think Nicki was being used as a "puppet?"

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