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Fashion Expert Claims Rihanna's Birkin Bags Are Fake

Not the real deal


Fashion Expert Claims Rihanna's Birkin Bags Are Fake

Photo: Will Alexander/

'Diamonds' hitmaker Rihanna has been reportedly rocking fake Birkin bags.

According to the National Enquirer, expert in ladies bags Cackled My Couture Spy has branded several of the singer's Birkin bags as "knock offs".

"Trust me when I tell you that several of the so-called 'five-figure' Birkin bags Rihanna got from so-called 'friends' may appear to be in perfect detail," the expert said.

"But they’re total knock-offs that cost a few hundred at most," they added.

The 24-year-old singer is known for her collection of enviable double-figure thousand dollar worth Birkin purses given as gifts from industry friends.

If this couture expert definitely knows her stuff, sounds like the 'Where Have You Been' singer needs to get her pricey collection authenticated.

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