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Solange Knowles Calls First Lady Michelle Obama Her 'Style Icon'

She's a fan!


Solange Knowles Calls First Lady Michelle Obama Her 'Style Icon'

Photo: Jeff Grossman/Dan Jackman/WENN/Johnny Louis

Solange Knowles may be a style inspiration to many of us, but the Houston-born DJ-model has revealed that the person she looks up to fashion-wise is First Lady Michelle Obama.

The 'Losing You' singer admitted that she is a big admirer of Michelle because she ''empowers'' women by what she chooses to wear, and is not swayed by other peoples' opinion of her fashion choices.

Speaking to Huffington Post, the 26-year-old said:

''Not only is Michelle's style just stunning, but I love what she does for the American people and the American women specifically in terms of owning yourself and not wavering towards other people's perceptions, especially as a First Lady.''

''I've seen people criticise her in terms of her showing arms or legs, but I think it's so amazing how she empowers women to have a really strong sense of self and go after what makes them happy," Solange continued.

In regard to her own bold and eclectic style, Bey's younger sis admitted that she is no stranger to switching up her look, but did say that she is currently digging the ''minimalist'' trend.

She told ''I've sorta begun to go for the minimalist approach. Obviously I wear a lot of prints and a lot of colours, but there are so many different facets to my style and this last particular season had a very minimalist vibe.

''I can wear one colour, but there has to be a certain detail there. I like things that are extremely architectural and amazing, so I can just build an outfit around that,'' she added.

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