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WATCH! Willow Smith Covers Adele's James Bond Theme 'Skyfall'

Brave! How does she do?


WATCH! Willow Smith Covers Adele's James Bond Theme 'Skyfall'

Photo: Dominic Chan/

Willow Smith has shared a video of herself singing Adele's new James Bond theme track, 'Skyfall.'

The 11-year-old regularly posts videos on YouTube of herself covering other artists' songs including her favourite Frank Ocean, but she has never been so brave as to tackle someone of Adele's calibre before.

Dressed casually in a white t-shirt with an elephant photo on the front and a trendy scarf wrapped on her head like a turban, Willow gives a little speech before singing the chorus of the power ballad.

"I'm gonna be singing 'Skyfall' by Adele, only the chorus because that's all I know how to do, but here we go!" Willow says before beginning to play the melody of the track on the piano.

Willow has previously covered Frank Ocean's beautiful ballad 'Thinkin Bout You' and Kid Cudi's 'All Along.'

There's no denying Willow's talented for her age, but how does she do singing an Adele song?

Watch below and tell us what you think...

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