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Rihanna's Bestie Melissa Forde Hits Out At Karrueche Tran & Haters

Got RiRi's back!


Rihanna's Bestie Melissa Forde Hits Out At Karrueche Tran & Haters

Photo: Twitter

Rihanna's bestie Melissa Forde isn't known for speaking out much - but boy when she does, she gets straight to the point.

Rihanna's wingwoman took to Twitter to lash out at anyone and everyone talking noise about her girl.

Clearly RiRi's pal has had enough of folk voicing their disapproval of the 'Diamonds' singer's revived relationship with Chris Brown as she took to the social networking site to vent.

"Every single one of y'all bitchez are soo f**cking dumb and obviously have nothing better to do. But lets be VERYYY clear about one thing, nobody gives a rats a** about whatever the f**k her name is..... so be careful how you talk about my BFFF!! A n***a will always do what [HE] wants!!" she wrote.

Melissa then followed up her foul-mouthed rant with an equally explosive message aimed partly at Karrueche after a fan of the model attacked RiRi via Twitter.

"I get that you don't like my Bfff and trust you don't have to cause the one thing you not liking us will do is stop anything from moving forward!!"

"You can be rice cake's friend, I don't give a f**k, but keep up all this disrespectful talk and while your fake profile having azz is typing on instagram MEE Melissa T Forde will be the one knocking on your door asking you to come talk face to face! #Spacebarbitchezzzz..."

Rihanna, no doubt appreciating her friend's support, later took to Twitter to tell Melissa to keep cool:

"Melissa T Fooooorde! Stop it!!!"

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