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Justin Timberlake Can't Stop Singing

'Cry Me A River' singer on constant...

By CJ Rutter on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 Photo by WENN

Justin Timberlake apparently wouldn't stop singing while he was filming upcoming movie 'Friends with Benefits'.

The former 'N Sync star would constantly sing during breaks and some of his colleagues thought it was surreal to have their own concerts by the star.

'Friends with Benefits' director Will Gluck told MTV: "He sings everything. He sings when we're waiting to shoot, he sings when he's pointing out paparazzi, he always sings everything.

"The funny thing is, unlike other people humming, every time he sings, you're like, 'That's Justin Timberlake! He's singing a song about ‘the boom just hit me in the face!' And it could be a pop song if he does it right."

We miss Justin Timberlake - he needs to come back with some tunes - quick smart!


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