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Whoopi Goldberg Talks About Her Mother's Death

Actress says she is still processing it...


Whoopi Goldberg Talks About Her Mother's Death


Whoopi Goldberg has revealed that she is still "processing" her mother's recent death.

The actress and comedian's mother died in August this year after she suffered a stroke and subsequent complications.

In an interview with People magazine, Goldberg said: " "I'm still in the processing phase, it's really hard to believe that she's gone.

"I'm still in the habit of talking to her, you know, but I just wish she were here with me."

Goldberg, who is one of the hosts of the daytime US chatshow 'The View', also said that while she wishes her mother was still alive, she admits that she did have a good life and experienced a lot.

Talking about how she is coping with the grief, Goldberg said: "I've been keeping really busy."

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