by Daniel Melia

Beyonce's L'Oreal Ad Is Insulting To Black Women

Says Mica Parish


Beyonce's L'Oreal Ad Is Insulting To Black Women


Mica Parish has attacked L'Oreal over the controversy caused by their latest ad featuring Beyonce.

The British singer labelled the campaign “insulting to black women” including the American R&B superstar.

She says: "What is truly disturbing about the image of Beyonce is that L'Oreal has taken one of the most talented and beautiful black women in the world, and, in my view, has deliberately lightened her colour and hair in order to sell a beauty product.

"This has to be the ultimate insult to every black woman out there - Beyonce included.  It is suggesting that in order to be beautiful and appealing, she needs to be white."

L'Oreal have vehemently denied altering the image of Beyonce in any way.


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