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Chaka Khan: 'Through The Fire' Healed Kanye West

But he turned her into a chipmunk

By Daniel Melia on Friday 15th August 2008 Photo by wenn

Chaka Khan has revealed that she allowed Kanye West to sample her track 'Through The Fire' because it helped him recover from a serious accident.

West was launched on to his current stratospheric path by his song 'Through The Wire' which used part of Khan's original song.

Khan told Gigwise: “He called me and asked me if he could use the song because he had been in an amazing accident and my song helped him to recover.

“So how could I say no? That was my primary reason for agreeing to it.”

However, Khan was surprised by the results when she heard the final cut of the track.

She adds: Of course I didn’t expect him to speed it up and make me sound like a chipmunk.

“It wasn’t until later I found out that his trademark was in fact speeding up older records and using them on his tracks.”

“I’m just glad I was of some assistance in helping him get better.”

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