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P Diddy To Get Married But To Who? Cassie Or Kim Porter?

Rapper to get hitched on Valentine's Day


P Diddy To Get Married But To Who? Cassie Or Kim Porter?


P Diddy has set Twitter on fire with speculation about his wife-to-be as the rapper has claimed that he has decided to get married but we're not sure who the lucky lady is.

The Bad Boys rapper has tweeted: "I decided to get Married today!!! I feel like a new man! Wedding is planned for valentines day!!! Your all welcome!! Feb 14th. Let's go!"

But his fans have been left confused by his sudden announcement. The rapper has had an off and on relationship with Kim Porter, who is mother to his children but he has also been romatically linked to singer Cassie (who's largely famous for shaving one side of her hair).

One follower tweeted: "Sooo Cassie? I Hope The Rest Of Her Hair Grew Back. I Know I Wouldnt Wanna Get Married With Half A Head Of Hair"

Time will tell if P Diddy is serious and who his wife-to-be is.

Are you surprised by Diddy's announcement?


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