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Rihanna Grabs Nicki Minaj's Ass At AMAs

She looks as though she liked it...


Rihanna Grabs Nicki Minaj's Ass At AMAs


Rihanna and Nicki Minaj showed how close they were last night, as RiRi grabbed our Harajuku's backside as they walked off the stage.

Most men would've swapped places with Rihanna to get a feel of her ass - but, then we're thinking alot of dudes would want to swap places with Nicki too!

Minaj has finally released her album 'Pink Friday' and she has acknowledged how far she's come on Twitter: "Dear Barbz Ken/Barbz, we went frm playtime is over, 2 sucka free, 2 beam me up scotty 2 Pink Friday. Mixtapes 2 The ALBUM. Thank you. xoxoxo"

The 'Your Love' rapper also revealed that even though she's got a dirty mouth, she's still going to show love for the kids with a clean-version of her LP.

She tweeted: "And btw, nicki luuuhhh the kidz. Clean Edit of Pink Friday @ Walmart & Itunes!!!! :p"

Check out our pictures from the AMAs...


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