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Naomi Campbell Would 'Be Thrilled' To Have Baby

Supermodel believes it would be a blessing...

By CJ Rutter on Tuesday 14th December 2010 Photo by WENN.com

Naomi Campbell has claimed that she would be "thrilled" to have a baby with her fiance Vladislav Doronin but she believes it would be an act of God.

The 40-year-old supermodel has said that if she were to become pregnant it would be in "God's hands".

In an interview with The Mirror, Campbell said: "Oh wow, if I was blessed enough to fall pregnant or have a child then that's in God's hands. I'd be thrilled.

The ferocious model, recently won a special recognition award at the British Fashion Awards, but she is insistent that her career is not over.

Campbell said: "Getting special awards for years in the industry is weird - I hate the thought of being old or that my career's over. It's not. I'm still modelling and busier than ever before really."


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