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Timbaland To Help Demi Lovato Make Music Comeback

Hip-hop producer is on it...

By CJ Rutter on Wednesday 12th January 2011 Photo by WENN

Timbaland has reached out to troubled star Demi Lovato and claims that he will be there to help once she finishes her time in rehab.

The hip-hop hitmaker recorded a video message for the 18-year-old, who checked herself into a clinic for undisclosed emotional and physical issues, in which he says that he's "impressed" by her talent.

Timbaland has been doing his research for Lovato and in his video clip he says that he's been enlisting his friends help to make her record comeback.

In the YouTube.com clip the producer and rapper, who has worked with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, said: "I'm kind of funny. I'm very hard to please, and I'm just not an easy person to please, so I'm very impressed. I'm very impressed. I got to hear you sing some of your songs, and I'm like, 'Wow'."

Before playing back the song, Timbaland says: "I wrote this for you Demi."

Check out the video:

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