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Jay-Z Fails To Lure Carmelo Anthony To New Jersey Nets

He's not interested...


Jay-Z Fails To Lure Carmelo Anthony To New Jersey Nets

Photo: WENN

Jay-Z is passionate about many things from hip-hop, to clothing, to food and basketball is no exception and the hip-hop mogul has tried to lure basketball player Carmelo Anthony to his New Jersey Nets team.

Jigga, who owns a share in the B-ball team, met with Anthony as well as Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov at the weekend (19th February) to discuss a possible move to the team.

The '99 Problems' star also caught up with Anthony at the NBA All-Star party the following day to discuss it once more, reports New York Daily News.

According to witnesses Jigga made a bee-line for the basketball star and barely stopped to pose for snaps on the red carper at the Phillipe Chow restaurant party.

But Anthony hasn't been impressed with the New Jersey Nets's performances and was apparently "non-committal" during their chat.

A source told the paper: "Jay-Z's a baller (successful) in everything but basketball players."

Carmelo Anthony has since officially transferred to New York Knicks as they look to get their first NBA title since 1973. It's thought he'll make his debut tonight (22nd February) against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Check out Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and more at the NBA All-Star...


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