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Yelawolf Reveals How Eminem Stopped Him Becoming An Alcoholic

Rapper gave good advice...


Yelawolf Reveals How Eminem Stopped Him Becoming An Alcoholic

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Yelawolf is one of Eminem's latest signings to Shady Records and the newbie has revealed how his boss has helped him change his life around.

The two rappers met after Jim Jonsin suggested that Eminem should listen to Yela's music.

Obviously Em was impressed and the pair had quite similar upbringings so definitely caught the 'Not Afraid' rapper's attention.

In an interview with MTV's 'RapFix Live' Yelawolf revealed how Em helped him control his drinking and stop it turning in to an addiction.

He said: "I'm a drinker; I drink a lot. My management was concerned about some advice he could give me about slowing down so I don't get caught up in that life. He told me if it gets to the point where you need a drink before you go onstage, like you require that to function, is when you need to check yourself. And honestly, that's where I was at that point. And I've changed. I don't drink before I perform anymore."

The rapper, whose originally from Alabama, also claimed that his confidence was boosted when Em got excited about his debut album.

He explained: "I'm super excited about the music and fully confident that it's jamming. I was a little nervous, but after we broke the ice and really chopped it up, he seemed excited about it. So that makes me twice as excited now."

Are you excited to hear Yelawolf's debut LP? What do you think about Eminem's advice?

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