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Devlin Thinks Simon Cowell Is Lucky To Have Labrinth

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Devlin Thinks Simon Cowell Is Lucky To Have Labrinth

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Devlin believes that Simon Cowell is extremely fortunate to have Labrinth signed to his record label.

The 'Let The Sun Shine' singer is the only star to have been signed to Cowell's Syco label that hasn't been part of the X Factor, but at the time he had many record companies after his signature.

Devlin side-stepped the question if he was a fan of Simon Cowell, and instead told DigitalSpy: "He obviously makes a lot of money out of The X Factor, and that's what he is good at.

"He is very lucky to have Labrinth on his label. Very lucky. He is one talented guy, and a lot of people were keen to sign him."

But the 'Let It Go' rapper has confessed that he's not a fan of The X Factor because it gives hopefuls an easy ride to fame.

Devlin said: "I'm not really a fan of [The X Factor] to be honest. It's all so manufactured. There's people like me, Jessie J and Adele who have worked hard for our success and it doesn't seem right that it's handed to them on a plate like that. It's not about the music at all."

Watch Devlin and Labrinth's 'Let It Go':


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