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Naked Autopsy Pictures Of Michael Jackson To Be Used In Trial

Murray's request denied...


Naked Autopsy Pictures Of Michael Jackson To Be Used In Trial

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It has been ruled that the naked pictures of Michael Jackson will be shown to the jury who will be investigating the singer's death.

Jackson's former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, had tried to block the images from the trial as they were considered to gruesome and also could affect the jury's impartiality to the case, but a judge has ruled that the jury will have access to the photos.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said: "Although they are tragic, they are not too gruesome or gory."

One of the images shows the 'Thriller' singer's naked body laid on the coronor's examination table and parts of his anatomy have been covered for "deceny reasons", reports MTV. While in another show, Jackson is seen wearing a hospital gown.

Footage from Jackson's final rehearsals ahead of his London 02 Arena shows will be shown to the juror, to give an idea of his health ahead of his sudden death from a sedative overdose in June 2009.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to the charge of involuntary manslaughter and his legal representatives will be arguing that Jackson committed suicide because of his financial difficulties.

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