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Jill Scott Reveals 50lb Weight Loss Secret!

She's looking good for it!


Jill Scott Reveals 50lb Weight Loss Secret!

Photo: WENN/Splash News

Well it's almost like Jennifer Hudson take two, but Jill Scott hasn't got that far yet! The singer and actress has recently lost an incredible 50lbs to become her thinnest in over 20 years.

The 'Shame' singer, who is gearing up to the release of her first album in four years, is fighting fit and ready for the promotional tour which brings her to the UK next week.

Jill Scott in May 2011, and in February 2010...

To help shift the weight, Scott has enlisted the help of a personal trainer but has claimed that she's not a fan of working out.

After debuting her new figure on the red carpet earlier this month at Mary J. Blige Honours Concert, Ebony found out what she's been up to.

Scott, who gave birth to her son Jett Hamilton Roberts in April 2009, said: "Anything that makes me feel like I'm not working out. We go outside and throw footballs, go for walks".

Even though she's split from her son's father, the 39-year-old is keen to focus on the future and her son. She said: "I'm past caring about some things that never mattered in the first place and I'm in love with my baby boy".

Do you think Jill Scott should slim down to Jennifer Hudson size?


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