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Nick Cannon Could 'Take Out' Eminem Over Mariah Carey Feud



Nick Cannon Could 'Take Out' Eminem Over Mariah Carey Feud

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Nick Cannon has said that he believes he could take on Eminem in a fight, if they were to ever meet.

The comedian addressed the long-running feud between his wife Mariah Carey and the rapper on Piers Morgan Tonight, and jokingly agreed with Piers who claimed that Nick could win in a fight with him.

But Nick went on to say that he would have trouble getting past his security. "He'd have too many bodyguards around him. Anyone who insults my wife or my family, I have an issue with."

"I would have to see where that man actually was coming from. If he was saying, man, this is entertainment, this is something. But if you literally have a problem with me, then we can solve that problem. You've crossed the line a little."

The feud between Eminem and Mariah stems from his accusations that the pair had emabarked on a secret relationship years ago - a claim that Mariah has strongly denied. Since then, the pair including Nick have produced a series of songs taking shots at each other.

Is it about time this Mariah/Eminem feud ends?

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey...


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