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Raven Symone 'Hates Partying,' Worries What Parents Would Say

Is She Really A Good Girl?


Raven Symone 'Hates Partying,' Worries What Parents Would Say

Photo: Nikki Nelson/

Raven Symone has grown up in the spotlight for most of her life, so she can't be blamed for wanting to creep under the radar sometimes. The actress has revealed that she only goes out to celebrity parties when she has a show to promote.

In an interview with JET magazine, Raven admits that she would rather stay at home than party. "I stay in my house. The only reason you're seeing so much of me now is because I need to promote the show," she reveals.

"I sit there like this (rolling her eyes) wondering when's this going to be over. As soon as the show ends, I'll be back under the radar."

The 25-year-old also reveals that she has trouble finding a good man and is fed-up of mothering her boyfriends. "I don't want to always have to pamper and baby. That's not going to happen. My perfect guy would be a mannequin - one that comes alive only when I need him to!"

Do you think Raven is as innocent as she wants us to believe?

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