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Rihanna Wanted The Controversy Says 'Man Down' Video Director

She's the new Madonna...


Rihanna Wanted The Controversy Says 'Man Down' Video Director

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The director behind Rihanna's latest controversial video 'Man Down', Anthony Mandler, has revealed that the singer intended the controversy surrounding the promo.

Mandler, who has worked with the star on a number of music videos, claims that Rihanna wanted to "shine a light on the very dark subject matter" with the hard-hitting promo.

In the 'Man Down' video, the 23-year-old can be seen shooting her rapist in a busy railway station, set in Jamaica.

Rihanna has been forced to defend the video, which has been slammed by a number of outlets including the Parents Television Council. But now Mandler has defended their creative project and insisted that the negative response was a "knee-jerk" reaction.

Mandler believes that the modern artists are failing to make powerful music videos, like Madonna at the beginning of her career.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the video director said: "It's (the video) doing exactly what Rihanna and I hoped it would do, which is shine a lighton the very dark subject matter... This medium used to be a great medium of messages... I grew up in an era of Madonna releasing videos and sparking controversy. I think most people are wasting this medium."

He also added: "The fact that there's an argument to ban this because this will make girls retaliate from abuse with murder is skipping over the point. We obviously have a huge issue to deal with as a country."

Did you see Rihanna's video - what did you think? Is it too much for a music video? Does it send the right or wrong message?

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