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Rihanna Back On With Colin Farrell?

Both stars spotted at Montreal Grand Prix


Rihanna Back On With Colin Farrell?

Photo: Splash News

Rihanna has previously denied that she was dating Colin Farrell but the pair were seen at the Montreal Grand Prix earlier today.

Although not pictured together, Farrell was seen in the Lotus Renault GP garage supporting the team while RiRi was avoiding getting that hairpiece wet by enjoying the hospitality in the VIP section.

It was only in March that the couple were reportedly seen on a date in Los Angeles after having met on UK's Graham Norton chat show.

At the time a source told People magazine: "There's no truth whatsoever to the reports and rumours that they're dating."

Rihanna also told Rolling Stone magazine that she thought that the Irish actor was hot but that Farrell probably thinks she's weird because of the rumours. "He probably thinks I'm starting all these crazy rumours! We don't even have each other's numbers. I wish. He's smoking," she said.

Do you think Rihanna and Colin Farrell would make a good couple?


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