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Marlon Wayan's Defends Tracy Morgan's Right To Freedom Of Speech

Did he mean that!?


Marlon Wayan's Defends Tracy Morgan's Right To Freedom Of Speech

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Marlon Wayans has leapt to the defense of comedian Tracy Morgan after his homophobic rant on stage.

The actor claimed that the '30 Rock' actor had a right to speak his mind, but admitted that he could have thought it through more beforehand.

Wayans' comments come after Morgan apologised for his homophobic rant during one of his live shows, in which he said that he would "stab" his own son if he came out as homosexual.

At the 15th annual Webby Awards, Wayans told reporters: "He has the right to say what he says. But he has to be a little more responsible and write a little bit and think a little more before he does it next time."

The actor suggested that cameras filming in comedy clubs can be disruptive to creative processers but he can understand why people were offended and upset by Morgans jibes.

Admitting that Morgan should be more aware of what he's saying, the 'G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra' star added: "Tracy needs to work his material [before performing it]. I don't think he's a homophobe. I've worked with him. Tracy's a cool dude. I just think he says dumb stuff."

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