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50 Cent Claims Lady Gaga Has More Success Because It's Easier

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50 Cent Claims Lady Gaga Has More Success Because It's Easier

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50 Cent has hit back at the music industry, claiming that there are double standards.

The rapper says that Lady Gaga has an easier ride in getting airplay, whereas he has a harder time trying to crossover. "When you say Lady Gaga, pop artist, they want them to just deliver a song," Fiddy tells MTV News.

"Her records go to Top 40 and crossover radio immediately. You can't really compare it to any artist that would be considered a pop artist or a white artist."

Fiddy has recently been having trouble with the release of his forthcoming album Black Magic, and revealed that he had several issues with his record label over the progress of the record.

In the interview, he also explains why it is harder for a black artist to get airplay, saying: "What we consider urban radio or rhythmic radio was referred to as black radio at one point. That right there is something I'm conscious of."

Is it still hard for urban artists to get ahead?

50 Cent...


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