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Foxy Brown Faces Jail Over Late Court Appearance

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Foxy Brown Faces Jail Over Late Court Appearance

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Foxy Brown has been threatened with jail after turning up two hours late for a court appearance.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanour charge of violating a court order for allegedly shouting obscenities at her New York neighbour and flashing her bottom. Foxy faces up to a year in jail for the incident which supposedly happened in last July.

She was due to turn up to a court in Brooklyn, New York City, on Tuesday, but was reprimanded immediately by the judge when she arrived two hours late. The judge told her: "Don't put me in a position when I'm going to remand you to make sure you're here at 9:30am. Court starts at 9:30am, not when you roll in."

According to New York Daily News, Foxy responded by saying: "This is bulls**t. I'm always here on time."

The trial will now begin on July 12.

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