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Pregnant Fantasia Barrino Pictured On Holiday With Antwaun Cook

She's gone back there...


Pregnant Fantasia Barrino Pictured On Holiday With Antwaun Cook

Photo: WENN

Former 'American Idol' singer Fantasia Barrino has been pictured looking heavily pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook.

The singer, who tried to commit suicide last year after aborting Cook's child, had a year-long relationship with Cook before realising that he was still married. It looks as though all is forgiven now as the singer was pictured in Barbados snorkelling and relaxing with him on a boat.

Barrino performed a concert in Barbados over the weekend and has also been joined by her nine-year-old daughter Zion as well as friends and family.

Last November, Barrino had to give evidence in a child's custody case for Cook. During her testimony, the singer said that she had intentionally overdosed on drugs after the media found out about her affair with the NFL player.

CNN reported that the 26-year-old "testified that she knew from the first day of her relationship with Cook that he was married and still living with his wife, according to two sources who were in the courtroom".

Looks as if they've cemented their relationship with this new baby and romantic holiday.

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