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J. Cole Talks Rihanna Tour And 'Being In Love' With Paula Abdul

He reckons he's doing a 'good job'...


J. Cole Talks Rihanna Tour And 'Being In Love' With Paula Abdul

Photo: WENN

J. Cole was recently announced as Rihanna's official support act as part of her 'US' tour and the hip-hop star, who hasn't even dropped his debut album, has said that he's been doing a "good job so far".

The Roc Nation rapper, who performed at London's Wireless festival this weekend, said that performing on the arena tour is different from what he's used to but everytime it's a challenge. He told "Your goal is that by the end of your performance, you want to have won over the people that are watching you. I feel like I'm doing a good job so far. It's a way, way different from doing the hip-hop clubs and venues that we're used to."

The 26-year-old also revealed that he sampled Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up' in his lead single from 'Cole World: The Sideline Story' as a reference to his childhood.

He said: “When I was a young kid, that’s a song I remember coming up. I remember being in love with Paula Abdul when I seen her on the TV and on the ‘Opposites Attract’ video.”


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