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Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Fuel Rumours After They 'Sleep In'

But not together...


Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Fuel Rumours After They 'Sleep In'

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Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian's words are closely followed by many people, especially those who believe that they are still having a secret affair, and the pair further fuelled rumours after they both tweeted about "sleeping in" this weekend.

It was thought that Bush was heartbroken to hear that Kardashian was engaged to her current beau NBA star Kris Humphries, and many folk are hoping that they reunite but we have to say even these tweets are far-fetched!

Bush tweeted: "Sleeping in today", while just one minute later his ex-girlfriend Kardashian tweeted: "Best feeling in the world to sleep in! I haven't done this in forever!"

Kardashian, 30, was actually visiting her future parents-in-law in Minnesota when she tweeted her "sleep in" message.

According to, this means that Kimmy Cakes is still obsessed with Bush and they have "credible sources" that something is going on between the pair.

What do you think?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries...


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