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Shakira Turned Down Pitbull Collaboration On 'Give Me Everything'

She has personal shizzle to deal with...


Shakira Turned Down Pitbull Collaboration On 'Give Me Everything'

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Shakira decided to turn down Pitbull's invitation to a collaboration on his latest US number one single 'Give Me Everything' because she had "personal" issues to deal with.

The Latino rapper says that he initially wanted Shakira for the track and approached her about featuring on the single, but the Colombian star had to decline the offer.

"I tried to get Shakira on the record but, due to some personal things she was going through, she couldn't jump on the record," Pitbull said.

After that Pitbull decided to ask Nayer, reports The song took eight months to make and was eventually complete when Ne-Yo added his vocals.

It's thought that Shakira's "personal" issues was her split from her longterm partner Antonio de la Rua and her relationship with footballer Gerard Pique.

Do you think Shakira would have been better on the track?


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