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Cher Lloyd's New Hairstyle: Slick Or Epic Fail?

Like Rihanna much?


Cher Lloyd's New Hairstyle: Slick Or Epic Fail?

Photo: Splash News

Cher Lloyd stepped out to promote her new single 'Swagger Jagger' earlier today debuting a new, fierce hairstyle which has led us to believe that it is Rihanna-inspired.

The former X Finalist, who is due to perform at T4 On The Beach this weekend, has decided to shave one side of her head in a Cassie-esque inspired cut that was followed by the likes of Rihanna.

Lloyd, 17, was pictured at Channel 4 ahead of her single's release. Her debut promo has had over 2 million views since it premiered on YouTube on Friday, but it has been heavily slammed by critics.

The teen responded to her 'haterz' on Twitter, as she wrote: "I have feelings. I come across as a hard faced bitch, but please give me a break."

Cher Lloyd at Radio 1...


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