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Is Fergie And Will.i.Am 'Conflict' Reason Behind Black Eyed Peas Split?

Star admits they have differences...


Is Fergie And Will.i.Am 'Conflict' Reason Behind Black Eyed Peas Split?

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The Black Eyed Peas recently announced that they are taking a break from the group and will be concentrating on their solo ventures, but it looks as if the cracks go deeper as in Fergie's recent cover interview for Allure magazine, she admits that "there is conflict" within the group.

In the upcoming issue of the magazine, Fergie explains how insists that unfinished material is not allowed to be taken from the studio, for fear of leaks.

The singer said: “He’s very protective, and it drives me nuts because [I do] a lot of my best work, writing-wise, when I’m completely alone.” made Fergie a necklace which has an MP3 player in it, that held new tracks and the singer revealed one of them became 'The Situation', which can be found on the group's deluxe edition of 'The Beginning'.

Fergie co-wrote the track about her relationship with, she sings: “I build you high/ You break me down/ And that’s the story of our situation.”

Is their 'situation' the reason behind the Black Eyed Peas split?

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