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Lil Wayne and Lil Twist Team Up For 'Flowers' On 'Tha Carter IV'

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Lil Wayne and Lil Twist Team Up For 'Flowers' On 'Tha Carter IV'

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Lil Twist has revealed that he had hooked up with Lil Wayne on the Young Money boss's upcoming album 'Tha Carter IV'.

The teen revealed that the track is a "club record for the ladies", called 'Flowers'.

In an interview with, Twist said: "We have a record that is set to be on 'C4'. It's titled ‘Flowers’ and it’s a great record, a fun record, a club track. I think the fans are gonna love it ’cause it’s just a real swagged-out track. They’ve heard me and my brother team up for the ladies on a record called ‘Popular’ on his album I Am Not a Human Being, but this one is more of a club record for the ladies.”

Lil Twist, who is currently on tour as part of the 'Closer To My Dreams' tour, revealed that along with Weezy they spent $60,000 at a party at Miami gentlemen’s club King of Diamonds.

“We really live that every week when we’re off. It was fun. Twizzy F. and Weezy F. did it big that night," he said.

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