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Mathew Knowles Hasn't Spoken To Daughter Beyonce Since Being Accused Of Stealing Money

They'll settle in court...


Mathew Knowles Hasn't Spoken To Daughter Beyonce Since Being Accused Of Stealing Money

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Since having been accused of stealing money from his daughter Mathew Knowles has denied the claims and has insisted that the matter will be cleared up in court.

Beyonce's father hasn't spoken to her since the accusations came to light, and he is concerned with the people she is working with.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Mathew said: “We absolutely have not taken any money from Beyoncé, and all dollars will be accounted for. In no way have we stole money. Again, this about the people who have made these claims—they have to come into the light.”

Knowles, who was the mastermind of Beyonce's career and looked after Destiny's Child, stated that the relationship with his daughter is "extremely amicable" although he concedes that he's not spoken to her since the accusations were made.

“The relationship with Beyoncé is extremely amicable. I want to make that clear. Where there’s concern is the people that she’s doing business with,” he stated. “I’m challenging all of these folks on integrity, professional integrity.”

After Beyonce and her father parted ways, Beyonce enlisted the help of executives from Roc Nation and Live Nation.

He said: “She changed almost every aspect of her business. The team ironically appeared to be a cross-pollination of Beyoncé’s team, Roc Nation’s team, and Live Nation’s team, who ironically have the most to gain.”

Knowles maintains that the situation with the money and his daughter will be settled in the courtroom soon. “The only way we will be able to understand this is through a court of law. That’s the only way either one of us will be clear if someone in our camps did something that was not correct," he said.

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